Progress F3K

Rozpětí: 1500 mm
Váha: from 220 g g
Délka: mm
Směrovky: ano
Výškovky: ano
Křidélek: ano
Profil: Pejchar
Počet serv v křídle: 2
Cena od: 17600,- Kč

Popis modelu

The Progress is full core F3K glider designed with detail to gliding performance as well as to maximal stiffness. Why stiffness?
• From an aerodynamic point of view, the low stiff objects oscillate and make a huge amount of drag force.
• From a structural design point of view, the applied force of thrown is consumed by airplane deformation instead of climbing.
• From durability and life cost perspective, the low stiff models may withstand one or even half of competition season and then get soft and brittle.
The final and recent version of the Progress was tested for years and it showed it potential by variety of success in season 2017 ( Euro contest Lviv (Ukraine) – 1st place, Vladimir’s Model Cup (Ukraine) 1st place, World Championship 3rd place, Total World cup series evaluation – 2nd place)
Offered plane versions:
• Standard (260-275g) – best to use every time, most used version, can be ballasted up to FAI limit
• Light (240-255g) – best to use for calm wind condition up to 3m/s, maximum recommended ballast – 50g 
•       Light – Light (220-230g) – best to use for no wind condition, and No ballast is recommended 

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